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Change Your Life in 48 Hours

I’m not someone who sets New Year’s resolutions although I do have goals (some in my head and some I write down) which I work towards. Some of these goals are short-term and some are more long-term. Some of them are very specific and measurable (build my blog to x number of followers by x date) and some are much more general (aim to be positive in all that I do).

Above all else, I’ve learnt over the years that it is important to choose the kind of life you want. Decide what you want from your life, be realistic about what it will take to obtain it and, most of all, work hard to achieve it. Continue reading…

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It’s the little things

Throughout my degree course, there were a number of resources that I really could not have gone without. Most of them, thankfully, can be found on UCB Portal, the university’s one-stop shop for information which can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with internet.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 22.56.17

UCB Referencing Guide
This was my absolute lifeline whilst Continue reading…


Sports Management – year 3

Last Friday was my final assignment hand-in which means that, for me, uni is over. There is nothing more I can do to contribute towards my degree; I just have to wait for my results in July and graduation in September. It is a very strange feeling. Although I’ve had a busy week with work, something has just felt odd. As if I’m forgetting something – here’s hoping I’m not!

Anyway, this is my Year 3 course round-up (I’ve already written about Year 1 and Year 2) to give you my thoughts on my final year studying for a BA in Sports Management at UCB.

Year 3

Modules: Strategic Management, Development and Innovation in Sport, International Marketing, International Sports Environment, Research Project/Dissertation Continue reading…

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Thoughts of a Postgrad

I’m not considering post-graduate study at the moment, but I know lots of others are (and I probably will in the future) so I thought I’d ask Nicole Mangan, a Masters student at UCB, a few questions about her experiences…

1394496_13224780What are you studying for your Masters?
I studied an MA in Culinary Arts Management (CAM) for a year and a half at UCB.

Is this your first experience of UCB?
No. I did my undergraduate degree here as well, in CAM for two years and also did two years of study in Ireland. Continue reading…

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Dream Placement

Each year, one lucky Sports Management student gets the opportunity to go on placement. My friend and coursemate, Max, recently returned from his incredible year away in America.

hilton head 3

Here’s what Max had to say…

Placement: Fitness & Recreation Intern, The Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Continue reading…

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I cannot explain the relief I feel that this week is over! I did my usual day job on Monday and Tuesday, then spent Wednesday revising in the library, and had exams on Thursday and today. I also haven’t been very well and had to put off seeing a doctor until after my exams as I firstly haven’t had time, but also don’t always react well to antibiotics so couldn’t risk feeling even worse and having to sit through my exams.

Thankfully, it is now all done and I’m quite pleased with how the exams went. Not ecstatic, but definitely content. More importantly, I am off to Cyprus in the morning for a few days visiting family who live out there. I can’t wait!

Although we don’t start semester 2 until February, I still have work to get on with as my dissertation now needs to be full steam ahead. I am relishing the challenge of writing my 10,000 word paper because I’ve picked a topic I am really interested in and love reading and researching about.

Here are my key thoughts so far on dissertations: Continue reading…

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Always more decisions to make

It is finally the Christmas holidays but as mentioned in my last post, the work doesn’t stop for me. I spent the first few days of this week trying to get my head around an assignment which we’ve had weeks to do and was due in on Wednesday – will I ever learn?! And, it was also time to look ahead to semester two and choose my optional module.

I don’t know if every degree course at UCB offers optional modules but for most of them I think you get a choice in your second year and then another in your final year. I’ve already written about the option I took in my second year – Sports Nutrition – and I’ll post something next semester about this year’s choice – International Marketing.

In this post though I’ll offer a few words of advice about how to choose what module you’ll take. Continue reading…

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It’s that time of year…

…and I mean exams, not Christmas 😦

As much as I’d love to just kick back and relax through the Christmas holidays, I have two exams in January.

I’ll be honest – I am one of those people who does not like exams at all. Give me presentations, essays or seminar discussions any day, but I truly loathe exams.

Why? 1. I love to talk. 2. I am a complete fidget.

Give me a topic and I could talk for days. Ask me to write it down and my train of thought Continue reading…


Sports Management – year 2

I’ve been writing a lot about student life in Birmingham and UCB in general, so thought it was time to go into a bit more detail about my course. This will be my second of three blog posts as I write about each year separately (I’m studying for a BA in Sports Management; a three-year programme providing a great mix of business and sport-based modules).

Year 2 of my course saw another mixed bunch of modules and also the opportunity to choose an option in semester 1. I chose Sports Nutrition for my optional module and was in a class with mainly Sports Therapy students as the module is delivered by that department. I really enjoyed getting to know students taking a different course and I would recommend this module for its interesting content as well.

Year 2

Modules: Human Resource Planning, Finance for Managers, Sports Planning, Applied Marketing Research, Operational Sports Management, Sports Nutrition, Research in Practice. Continue reading…

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Group work – Love it or loathe it?

Ask any student and, for the majority, they will tell you how group work is utterly dreaded. The mere mention of it has students grabbing their closest ‘friends’ and vowing that this time things will be different and it won’t be so stressful and disorganised. I have very mixed views on group work as I’m a big believer that the grades I receive should be solely reflective and reliant on my own level of effort and ability, whilst at the same time I quite enjoy sharing views and ideas as part of a group to achieve something. Since being a student at UCB, I have had group work experiences at each end of the scale and I’m going to share some of my thoughts and advice in this post.

Last year (my second year), we had a group project for Applied Marketing Research and our lecturer made the decision to draw names from a hat to create groups. I won’t go into the details but my lowest point, and my greatest frustrations with the group I was part of, led me to a total breakdown (hearty sobs included) on the main concourse at New Street station on Easter Monday. For those who know me, I’m not much of a crier so to get to this point showed just how difficult the whole experience had been. The group of five was due to meet on that day to travel to Walsall and undertake our data collection – a fundamental part of our assignment – and yet there I stood, alone, and with little or no contact from my fellow group members as to whether they were coming or not. This leads to my first suggestions about group work: Continue reading…