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Navigating London Luton

I haven’t written a post in the ‘Navigating…’ series for a while but I’ve travelled through Luton Airport a few times recently and thought it might be useful to offer some tips and general info for the many, many others using this airport. london luton airport, travel guide, navigating series, amii at thirty Continue reading…



3 things I love most about Birmingham

After more than 7 years (the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life), I moved out of Birmingham this week. When people ask where I’m from and I say ‘Birmingham’, it’s always met with the response: ‘but you don’t sound like a Brummy’. And yes, whilst that is true, it doesn’t and won’t ever stop this great city from being my hometown.

It’s the city I know better than any other – from the 8 years I spent at boarding school in nearby Bromsgrove, coming in on the train to go shopping, to the cinema or to hangout with friends, to the 7 years I’ve spent back here in my adult life (living in Moseley, Acocks Green and then the city centre), it has always felt so familiar and felt like my home. birmingham, canals, hyatt regency, gas street basin, city lifeThese are the 3 things I love most about Birmingham: Continue reading…