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Shops I’d be stuck without

Whilst I’m a keen supporter of local, independent shops, I do also believe that there’s a place for big chain stores too. During this manic shopping season, here are a few of the stores I would really be stuck without…


For someone as craft-obsessed as me, HobbyCraft is total heaven. I always go in there with a list of things to buy and then get side-tracked by a million other amazing things. Me at HobbyCraft is worse than a kid in a candy shop could ever be. I was at a HobbyCraft shop last week and the cashier offered me a loyalty card, which I declined. I mean, I really don’t need extra reasons to spend more time and money in there!

Primark Continue reading…

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How to blow your student loan in 10 days…

A lot of us got our last student loan installment on 20th April. For final year students, that means your last chunk of ‘free’ money before entering the real world. And for returning students, it’ll be your last payment until around the end of September.

These are the ‘best’ ways to spend your loan: Continue reading…

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Bargain Day Out #1

I love a bargain and a discount and, as a student, I’ve come to love and value them even more. These days you can find vouchers, offers, and promotions for so many different products, services and activities. Its not about spending as little as possible (you can do that by staying at home and doing nothing), but about being able to go out for meals and have enjoyable days out whilst saving money.

For a while now, I’ve been planning a full day of discount fun to see how many different things I can do in a day whilst saving money. Unfortunately, the demands of uni and work have meant that I haven’t actually had a whole day off in months to try out my plans of a ‘bargain day out’! Continue reading…