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Autumn Tag 2017

I do not cope well with the swift move into autumn. I should be used to it living in Europe where the dark evenings creep in quickly and the weather turns rainy and cold in the blink of an eye. But, I’m not used to it; even after 31 (nearly 32) years.

Despite struggling with the seasonal change, there are actually lots of things I love about autumn. Not least, that it brings my birthday and therefore a fun holiday or trip to celebrate – I’m firmly on the countdown to Marbella next week for some sun and golf with my parents.

To focus on the positives of autumn and to get me out of my writing slump, I decided to give this Autumn Tag a go. I read one of these last week over at Queen Sapphire and thought I’d try it.

Here are my responses to Continue reading…

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When does Christmas officially start?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote ‘Bringing up the C-word‘ and talked about how pre-planning helps reduce the stress and financial burden of Christmas.

When though does Christmas officially start?

I feel as though everyone has different views on this. In my opinion, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Sunday over (and as a Brit, Thanksgiving isn’t a consideration), I feel as if it’s now officially ok to start thinking more and more about Christmas.

At the end of the this week, the Frankfurt Christmas Market arrives as always in Birmingham, which for me (and probably most other Brummies and B’ham-dwellers) marks a definitive start to the festive period. Christmas light turn-on events also start happening and more and more Christmas trees start appearing in windows.

When it comes to committing whole-heartedly to the festive season though, I don’t really buy into it until December. But here’s where my enthusiasm starts to build…. Continue reading…