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The one resource I use everyday

It’s no secret that I am organised. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m uncomfortable with a lack of structure, planning and processes. This is particularly so in my professional life but also pretty evident in my personal life too.

I carry a hardback day-to-page diary as well as a notebook (who am I kidding, I’m usually found with 2 or 3 notebooks – 1 for general notes, 1 for my blog, 1 for work), I also use the Notes apps on my phone and iPad and I use my work Outlook calendar (which is also synched to my phone). I like lists and mindmaps, scribbled notes and meticulously colour-coded notes. Basically, anything that contributes to maintaining a level of organisation also gives a level of calm and comfort to my world.

Around 2 years ago, I came across Trello and I’ve never looked back. Continue reading…

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Bringing up the C-word

That’s right, I mean Christmas. I know it’s only October but there’s definitely merit to thinking about Christmas already. It’s such a hectic and expensive time of the year and I believe that a little pre-planning helps hugely in ensuring a happy, relaxed festive period, without breaking the bank.


For people paid at the end of each month, employers sometimes bring the December pay date forward. Although this might seem ideal, Continue reading…