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3 delicious lunchbox salads

A typical lunch at work in the Netherlands looks like this: lunch sandwichYes, that’s a bit of cheese on a slice of brown bread (and in this photo at least the bread looks like a nice seeded loaf!). I’ve actually read a few different books and articles that mention why the Dutch keep lunch so plain and simple (post-war rationing, frugal mentality, etc) but this is one local lifestyle that I won’t be adopting anytime soon.

I make my lunch every morning to take to work and I love making delicious lunchbox salads, choosing 2 or 3 a week to have for a couple of days each. Now, I have no idea about calorific values or percentages of proteins to carbs to fats but I do know what’s delicious and what fills me up through the afternoon. I also give myself no more than 5 minutes of my morning schedule to prepare lunch so it needs to be quick and easy as well.

These are three of my favourite lunchbox salads to make Continue reading…