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Sampling Beauty: round-up

With more than £14bn spent each year on beauty and personal care products in the UK and knowing that I contribute to that in a really really small way, I thought it would be fun to expand my knowledge of beauty products and give some new items a try.

I started this back in February with the first of my five Sampling Beauty posts. Each of these posts contains my honest reviews of beauty products that I’d never tried before and some from brands I’d never even heard of before. (Note: these posts were not sponsored)

For a selection of products to try, I subscribed to Love Me Beauty. This gives you 60 credits a month to use against their beauty edit and usually allows you to choose at least 3 items. The products then come in a unique, make-up bag which is different each month. These are a couple of my favourite ones: love me beauty, beauty bags, make up bag, beauty productsI also chose Continue reading…


Sampling Beauty #3

After the disaster with some of last month‘s beauty samples, I took a while before I started testing out the current batch as my skin felt like it needed a break to recover!Love Me Beauty, beauty subscription box, beauty products, beauty review, dr bragi, amie, weleda, kat von dI  chose a lot of face products from both Feel Unique and Love Me Beauty this month as I’m really keen to find Continue reading…

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What’s in my handbag?

I don’t understand women who carry a small handbag as their regular-use, day handbag. That just does not work for me. I need a bag big enough and sturdy enough to carry all my essentials. In today’s post, I’m giving you a look into my handbag – whilst I have a pretty large collection, my go-to option is a black, soft leather bag from Oasis that I got with my staff discount when I was a Store Manager for them back in 2007. I can’t believe how well this bag has held up over the past decade. Yes, it’s faded and worn but that adds character and certainly hasn’t taken anything away from its functionality. Continue reading…

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New year, clearer direction

Having written my blog from August 2014 to July 2015 as a UCBlogger, I picked it back up in July 2016 to share my life and thoughts with you. After 6 months, I’ve learnt a lot more about blogging and about what people like about my blog and what resonates with them the most when they read my posts.

As we start a new year, I want to create a bit more focus on the blog and I’m therefore taking a clearer direction with what I write about. Don’t worry, I’m not turning into an obsessive healthfood blogger and I’m not going to spam you with daily craft patterns or fitness regimes; after all, I did write in November about why I love not having a niche blog. I’m still going to be me and be true to who I am, what I like, and what my life is about (the biggest compliment I get about my blog from people who know me in real life is that my writing really does sound like me). Continue reading…

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Why I don’t have a niche

I originally started this blog in 2014 as part of the UCBloggers. Sorry to those who already know this story but here’s a little recap…Myself and 3 others were the first wave of UCBloggers, employed by University College Birmingham to write about student life. We were on different courses and at different stages of our degree programmes and were encouraged to write about our experiences as students, at UCB, living in Birmingham, etc. After writing for a year, I finished uni, graduated, started work and stopped blogging.

12 months later and I’d really missed it so I re-started this blog and decided to continue writing about a variety of topics and about life in general, thus gaining the label of a ‘lifestyle blog’. Continue reading…

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The Time is Now

I wrote a few weeks ago about the up-coming General Election and it created some really interesting conversations and discussions. Something really important which came up was that lots of people didn’t realise they need to register to vote.

The process for voter registration changed in June 2014 and now it is up to each individual to register (it used to be a single household registration which would list all names of eligible voters in that house). An upside of this change though is that you can now register online, making it even easier to do.

An October 2014 report suggested that 9 in 10 people were automatically transferred to the new system but if you were the 1 in 10 who were missed off, or if you weren’t registered to begin with, then you need to get it sorted.

Monday 20th April is the deadline for voter registration.

Registering online literally takes less than  Continue reading…

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Live like a student. Live like royalty.

There’s a widely-held view that being a student means you have to live in squalor…

accommodation-460x288Image Source

I can assure you that this doesn’t have to be the way. Life as a student means life on a budget. For most of us the dream of jacuzzi bathtubs, 50-inch TVs and someone to cook and clean for us is exactly that: a dream. It doesn’t have to be so dreary though, and with lots of choice about where to live, it’s better to find something to suit you and your budget and just make the most of it. Continue reading…