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6 things you should know about using Airbnb

There’s travelling like a tourist and then there’s travelling like a local. Airbnb has made the second option so much easier in recent years. By staying out of hotels and hostels and getting to live in a home, your travel experience can be completely different and sometimes more enriching.¬†airbnb, amii at 30, deventer, netherlands, holiday, travel blogI love being able to experience real-life when I travel and not just stick to the usual tourist opportunities. Don’t get me wrong, I still love doing an open-top tour bus and a bunch of museum and attraction visits when I travel to somewhere new but I also like to Continue reading…


How to plan a fabulous mini-break

Not a day goes by when I’m not planning my next trip. I love travelling and seeing new places and am always looking for flights and deciding where to go and what to do next. This year, though, with an 18 day trip (11 working days) to New Zealand already booked, I need to be a little more frugal when planning some other adventures. Not only financially but also when it comes to making the most of my limited annual leave entitlement (I get the UK statutory minimum of 20 days from my current employer and 3 of those get automatically allocated for the days between Christmas and New Year’s).

I travel as often as I can and try to visit new places every year. Continue reading…


Planes, trains, trams, buses, and a ferry

(Slightly delayed as internet issues meant I couldn’t post this yesterday) I write this sitting at the beach in the glorious sunshine on the French Riviera. I always try to get away at this particular time of the year, for my birthday. I’ve found as I get each year older that birthdays really aren’t that exciting nor something to really celebrate. Sure, I want to catch up with my family and closest friends but I want to do that most weeks so nothing special there.

Instead, I often decide to go away for a few days. This means that when look back on my birthdays, I do so with unique, fun, interesting memories of the amazing experiences I’ve had, rather than the focus being on another boring birthday. Some years I go away with friends and sometimes I go on my own. Continue reading…

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Get Me Out Of Here!

On our flight to Madrid last Sunday, my boyfriend remarked that in the past year alone we have been out of the country five times. Blessed as we are that we can travel so easily and visit so many amazing places, it is in my nature to get away from England as often as I can (I get itchy feet if I stay in one place for too long) and I do work unbelievably hard to be able to treat myself in this way. Our trip to Madrid was for four¬†nights – with life as hectic as it is, we couldn’t find a whole week free between now and November! – and we had a great time exploring the city and relaxing.

IMG_2071This weekend, in England, is the Spring bank holiday so many people will have the long weekend off before work again on Tuesday. As I had my little holiday already, I have family coming up to visit and haven’t planned on doing much except eating lots and relaxing. Continue reading…


Where Can I Go Next?

This is precisely the thought I have at least 10 times a week. I am always trying to plan my next holiday or trip abroad and, as listed on my About Me page, I try to visit a new country every year. 2014 has been a little slow on the travel front (a few trips to Spain, including a crazy week on the UCB Sports Tour – more on that in a later post) but we have a Sports Management course trip to Poland in December, so I will tick that box again for another year.

This day (19 August) in 2013 saw me leave England on an epic five-week trip to New Zealand and Australia with a two-night stop over in Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading…