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Merry Christmas!

To all of you reading this and to all of you who haveĀ been reading my daily blogmas posts this month,

Thank you.

I can’t explain what it means to have seen the visitor stats, to receive notifications of post likes and comments every day, and to have people talk to me about my posts in face-to-face conversation too. Continue reading…

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Christmas traditions

For me, Christmas is all about family and friends. It doesn’t matter where in the world we are (and we’ve been in many far-flung places) but it does matter that we spend time together. Away from that, we don’t really have any specific traditions that we follow year after year.

I know quite a few people have the tradition of a ‘Christmas Eve box’ which usually contains new pjs, a movie, and a few other bits. Some people have a set routine for Christmas Day with church, family walks, a visit to the local pub, lunch/dinner at a set time, etc. Continue reading…