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Sealed fate

I’ve waited two months since my last assignments were handed in, to find out my final degree results. It’s felt like decades though. Long, slow, busy weeks of waiting and counting the days in the diary.


So much has happened in those two months. Continue reading…


Always plan for success

This week I attended an assessment day for a role I’d applied for and it was intense. It was for a role in the public sector so they have a strict and standardised process to ensure it’s as fair as it can be. We weren’t given much information before the day (just a very short outline/overview of what the day would entail) and on the morning we received a quick brief and then had to get started. There were three candidates on the day and they have another session before making a decision.

We were housed in a room down the corridor from the main interview room and were called upon individually at various times to undertake different aspects of the assessment process. Continue reading…

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Thoughts of a Postgrad

I’m not considering post-graduate study at the moment, but I know lots of others are (and I probably will in the future) so I thought I’d ask Nicole Mangan, a Masters student at UCB, a few questions about her experiences…

1394496_13224780What are you studying for your Masters?
I studied an MA in Culinary Arts Management (CAM) for a year and a half at UCB.

Is this your first experience of UCB?
No. I did my undergraduate degree here as well, in CAM for two years and also did two years of study in Ireland. Continue reading…

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Transferring Your Skills

Whether you’re applying for part-time or full-time jobs, work experience roles or internships, the process of talking about yourself and how fabulous you are isn’t the easiest task for most people.

It’s important not to sell yourself short, though. If you can’t get across what you want to say on paper (CV, application form, covering letter) then you won’t get the chance to dazzle a potential employer in person with your winning smile and charming personality.

Importantly, if you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will. Continue reading…



Over the last 10 years I have volunteered my time to rugby in various capacities and I’d like to let you know a bit about what I’ve done, why I love it so much and what I gain from it. The merits of being a volunteer are ten-fold, whether its for a sports club or for any other cause. Volunteers are needed all over our towns and cities in many different industries and environments. Giving up even just one hour of your week to be a volunteer can be so worthwhile both personally and for the community you’re working in. Continue reading…

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The Best of Freshers

I’m about to start the third year of my course but, despite that, I haven’t yet attended a single Freshers event at UCB. Both years I’ve been out of the country and not back until lectures start.

This year I will be in Birmingham, so to make sure I don’t miss out on the best events and experiences, I’ve asked a few people for their thoughts and recommendations:

Name: Ciaran Parkinson
Role: UCB Guild President (BA Sports Management graduate)
Hometown: Crawley
Recommendations: Continue reading…


How I Ended Up Here

August 2014 marks 10 years since I received my A-level results. Might seem surprising then that I’m only just about to start the 3rd year of my degree, but this post will explain how I ended up here…

In 2004, I sat my A-levels and was desperately hoping for an offer from the University of Manchester to study International Management with French. Offers came in including, thankfully, one from Manchester, and I waited nervously for results day. I didn’t get the results they’d asked for and was gutted, but I rang the department at Manchester and they said that as I was on deferred entry, because I was taking a gap year, they could confirm my place for the following year despite my results. So I took off to Canada on my gap year excited for everything the next few years would bring (Canada is incredible by the way; try to visit at some point in your life).

I got back from Canada and was Continue reading…