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Hidden Spaces

Birmingham gets a fair bit of negative press from outsiders or people who haven’t visited the city. I’ll happily fight it’s corner, though, as I love the city and think it’s such a great place to live, work and study.

This amusing Buzzfeed article goes some way to pointing out a few of Birmingham’s wonderful features, but I’m always on the look out for new and interesting things to do and see in the city.

For the month of June, Hidden Spaces (a project by Associated Architects in association with the Birmingham Post) opened up a number of old buildings around the city for a behind the scenes look. Continue reading…


Sports Management – year 3

Last Friday was my final assignment hand-in which means that, for me, uni is over. There is nothing more I can do to contribute towards my degree; I just have to wait for my results in July and graduation in September. It is a very strange feeling. Although I’ve had a busy week with work, something has just felt odd. As if I’m forgetting something – here’s hoping I’m not!

Anyway, this is my Year 3 course round-up (I’ve already written about Year 1 and Year 2) to give you my thoughts on my final year studying for a BA in Sports Management at UCB.

Year 3

Modules: Strategic Management, Development and Innovation in Sport, International Marketing, International Sports Environment, Research Project/Dissertation Continue reading…

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Thoughts of a Postgrad

I’m not considering post-graduate study at the moment, but I know lots of others are (and I probably will in the future) so I thought I’d ask Nicole Mangan, a Masters student at UCB, a few questions about her experiences…

1394496_13224780What are you studying for your Masters?
I studied an MA in Culinary Arts Management (CAM) for a year and a half at UCB.

Is this your first experience of UCB?
No. I did my undergraduate degree here as well, in CAM for two years and also did two years of study in Ireland. Continue reading…

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Four weeks to go…

…and then life, as I’ve known it for the past three years, will suddenly be very different.

Why, you ask? Because on the 8th May, I have two assignment deadlines, my final lecture, and my last ever assessed seminar.

Although I will officially still be a student, I’ll have no responsibilities left after the 8th towards completing my degree at UCB. I will be finished. Three years of really hard work will come to an end. I will breathe the biggest sigh of relief, and probably shed a few exhausted tears. Continue reading…

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Bargain Day Out #1

I love a bargain and a discount and, as a student, I’ve come to love and value them even more. These days you can find vouchers, offers, and promotions for so many different products, services and activities. Its not about spending as little as possible (you can do that by staying at home and doing nothing), but about being able to go out for meals and have enjoyable days out whilst saving money.

For a while now, I’ve been planning a full day of discount fun to see how many different things I can do in a day whilst saving money. Unfortunately, the demands of uni and work have meant that I haven’t actually had a whole day off in months to try out my plans of a ‘bargain day out’! Continue reading…

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“But who do I pay for my electricity?”

I remember moving into my first flat and suddenly being hit by the realisation that I had no idea who I had to pay for my water, gas and electricity. A quick call to mum made it all clear and having since moved house a number of times over the past few years, I’m now really pro-active in getting my utilities accounts set up and updated.

A lot of students will live in university accommodation during their first year and pay one amount which covers both rent and utilities. It’s a different story when you move out into private accommodation though. Then you have to think about gas, electricity, water, council tax, phone/broadband and TV licence. In this post, I’m going to run through each of these and provide some useful info and tips about each one.

Gas and Electricity Continue reading…



Over the last 10 years I have volunteered my time to rugby in various capacities and I’d like to let you know a bit about what I’ve done, why I love it so much and what I gain from it. The merits of being a volunteer are ten-fold, whether its for a sports club or for any other cause. Volunteers are needed all over our towns and cities in many different industries and environments. Giving up even just one hour of your week to be a volunteer can be so worthwhile both personally and for the community you’re working in. Continue reading…


Sports Management – year 2

I’ve been writing a lot about student life in Birmingham and UCB in general, so thought it was time to go into a bit more detail about my course. This will be my second of three blog posts as I write about each year separately (I’m studying for a BA in Sports Management; a three-year programme providing a great mix of business and sport-based modules).

Year 2 of my course saw another mixed bunch of modules and also the opportunity to choose an option in semester 1. I chose Sports Nutrition for my optional module and was in a class with mainly Sports Therapy students as the module is delivered by that department. I really enjoyed getting to know students taking a different course and I would recommend this module for its interesting content as well.

Year 2

Modules: Human Resource Planning, Finance for Managers, Sports Planning, Applied Marketing Research, Operational Sports Management, Sports Nutrition, Research in Practice. Continue reading…


Sports Management – year 1

I’ve been writing a lot about student life in Birmingham and UCB in general, so thought it was time to go into a bit more detail about my course. I’ll do this across three blog posts as it’ll be easier and not quite so info-heavy to write about each year separately.

I’m studying for a BA in Sports Management; a three-year programme providing a great mix of business and sport-based modules.

Year 1

Modules: Sport in Society (this covers history of sport as well as current issues within sport relating to gender, media and politics), Health & Fitness Studies, Coaching Principles, Managing Activities and People (this looks at management and learning styles, motivation and HR processes), Business Economics, Marketing for Services.

Course trip: Continue reading…

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Small uni, big community

I love to travel and that’s because I love meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and finding out how other people live around the world. When I started at UCB, I knew it was quite a small university (about 7,500 undergrad students compared to 28,000 at University of Birmingham and 24,000 at Birmingham City University), but what I hadn’t realised is that it proudly boasts over 1,100 international students from over 65 different countries. This means that throughout my two-and-a-bit years at UCB I have had the pleasure of meeting so many students from around the world, and many from countries I’ve never been to and didn’t know much about. Having such a diverse group makes class discussions more varied and interesting and I’ve enjoyed getting to know more about the places my peers are from during my time at UCB.

This week, I’ve called in a couple of friends to let you know their thoughts on UCB and Birmingham. Continue reading…