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Winter skincare

Whilst I’m probably not the best person to advise on beauty regimes (find out why here), I am going to share my tips for a winter skincare routine. I know I’m not alone with feeling washed out and like a dried up prune during the cold, wet winter months. Simply put, my skin hates the winter.

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested different regimes, lotions, potions, creams and scrubs to see what works best for me. Here are a few of my recommendations:

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Bumbling beauty

It amazes me to see how many really, really successful beauty bloggers there are out there. Amazing to me when beauty regimes, make-up tutorials, and product reviews are read and watched by millions every day. Why?¬†Well, because they just aren’t something I can relate to nor have I ever really understood the complete obsession with.

Those who know me, will know that I am more than comfortable make-up free. I didn’t start wearing make-up at all until I was around 20 and that was only because I was working as a trainee retail manager for a high street fashion chain and the store manager I worked for told me I had to wear make-up to work. Yes, really. Thankfully, I’m pretty resilient so didn’t take it as an insult or let it knock my confidence which others might have done! To placate her, I started using mascara.

Fast forward a decade and you really can’t avoid the world of beauty must-haves and make-up tutorials to show you how to contour, enhance, highlight and, more often than not, turn you into a totally different looking person. I’ll be honest. I still don’t get it.¬† Continue reading…