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Lifestyle blog by a thirty-something city dweller

About Me

I started this blog in July 2014 whilst working as a UCBlogger at University College Birmingham. Ahead of starting my final year of a BA in Sports Management, I felt that being a UCBlogger was a great way to share my experiences with other current students, potential students, and also 20-somethings who, like me, were living and working in Birmingham, UK.

Now, it’s over a year on from graduation; more than a year into my wonderful job; and I’m no longer a 20-something. I’ll post about life, work, travel, money, sports, and Birmingham – so pretty much the same themes as before. Just from a new perspective.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Thanks for reading!

Amii x

5 things to know about me:

  1. I was a mature student and graduated in 2015 from UCB
  2. I’ve lived in Birmingham for over 6 years
  3. I love sports
  4. I try to visit a new country/place every year – 2013 included Sicily, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, 2014 was Poland, 2015 was Cologne and Amsterdam, and 2016 included Bergamo and Nice
  5. I eat a lot – I love food, I like to cook and to bake and I enjoy going out to eat at one of Birmingham’s many different restaurants