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What to watch (or avoid) on Netflix

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About a year ago, I wrote a post with my recommendations for 6 awesome shows to watch on Netflix; things I’d been watching and enjoying at the time. Some of that list hasn’t changed (some has) but there are always loads of new shows and movies every month on Netflix so I’m going to share what I’ve been watching and my thoughts (good and bad) on these.

Love Sick

I haven’t seen a show that makes me laugh out loud as much as this did in a very long time. I found myself laughing hard on planes and trains whenever I watched this and definitely gained some stares from those around me. Whilst the premise is a complete cliché – best friends who actually love each other but don’t want to ‘ruin the friendship’ get stuck in a host of other relationships – the storyline is set against the amusing backdrop of main character, Dylan, getting an STD and having to contact (and therefore re-live) his past relationships. Within those stories, you watch his friendship with Evie unfold and how they weaved in and out of each other’s lives over the years to present day. It is so endearing, so relatable and just so funny.

Step Sisters

I absolutely love a cheesy dance movie; from the Step Up movies (yes, all 5 of them), to Dirty Dancing spin-off Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (it is bloody brilliant so don’t judge me), Save the Last Dance (total classic) to Center Stage (I know all the words to this one), Take the Lead, Shall We Dance, and so many more. Step Sisters looked like it perfectly fit my taste but I only managed 45 minutes before I was so irritated by it that I had to turn it off. This is not something I can recall doing to a movie for a long time. It has to really, truly be awful for me to not persevere with.

I just couldn’t buy into this in any way, shape or form. Amongst other issues, I couldn’t shake the question of why Naturi Naughton (the formidable Tasha St Patrick in the brilliant series Power) and a number of other successful 30-something actresses are playing whinging, bitchy college girls. I couldn’t work out if there was supposed to be some form of irony to this or whether it was just a crap casting decision. Either way, I wasn’t sold.


I’ve never told anyone this (and you’ll probably understand why because it is totally bizarre) but as a child, and even through my teens (and ok, yes sometimes now I still wonder about it), I had this insane theory that if two people who shared a birthday blinked at exactly the same time (and it would have to be completely exact) then when they opened their eyes, they would be able to see what the other person could see, no matter where in the world that other person might be. At times, I braced myself when blinking in anticipation of what I might see when I opened my eyes but it just never happened. I still hold a little bit of hope that one day, when I’m not expecting it, I’ll blink and my theory will come true.

Anyway, Sense8 came along and it appears that my weird theory is shared by the writers of this show. Or at least, it shares quite a few similarities.

Not only is the concept behind the story of Sense8 fascinating to me, the way it’s filmed to bring the characters together through their shared mind, the connections and relationships between the main characters, the incredible soundtrack and the stunning locations keep me totally gripped. It’s suspenseful and heart-wrenching and thought-provoking and really great.


A show that is just right up my street. From the OC to 90210 and all the other angst-ridden, over-styled teen and family dramas in between, I love Dynasty. Much like the original series, it focuses on the mega-rich Carrington and Colby families but has been brought up to date with its references and is packed full of feuds, back-stabbing, double-crossing and glamour.

When Calls the Heart

Hallmark do wholesome, easy-viewing so perfectly and When Calls the Heart is another prime example of this. Set in Canada in the early 20th century, this is simply a lovely show to watch. It’s my current crochet series – I get a lot of crocheting done with this playing in the background.

Grace and Frankie

There’s a lot of hype around this show but I just don’t see why. I’ve watched all 4 seasons but it sits firmly in my “shows to put on when I’m falling asleep as I don’t care if I miss big chunks of the story” pile. It isn’t funny, it has a lot of annoying characters, but it sends me to sleep so at least that’s something positive.

Designated Survivor

So I definitely thought I’d written about this one in my 2017 Netflix post but apparently not. Either way, I loved it then and I still love it now. Keifer Sutherland in a role that shows him almost as kick-ass as the awesome Jack Bauer and a good White House drama that feels more wholesome than anything else to do with US politics these days (let’s not talk House of Cards or even about the real-life situation over there).

As a final note, what on earth have they done to Riverdale for season 2? I literally can’t cope with how ridiculous it’s become.

Let me know what you’ve been watching (and what else I should avoid) on Netflix – comment below or find me on social media: @amiilau. netflix, amii at thirty, movie, tv shows, netflix review, what to watch

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