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Budget Beauty #2

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Soap and Glory products are my Christmas bargain purchase every year. In the Boots sales, I always buy a bulk load that lasts me months and this time was no exception. In fact, the reason this review is so delayed is because I bought such a big set that I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase to bring it back with me in January, so had to wait until I was back in the UK again last month and had more luggage space.

The Spa of Wonder set was a Christmas special retailing initially at £60 but sold for £30 when it was a Star Gift in early December and also when in the sales (which is when I bought it). It contains 10 products, with skincare, makeup and shower/bath toiletries included, in a good quality box with a hologram image on (sadly, I couldn’t keep the box as I really did not have space in my suitcase!). All the products are full-size so this really was a bargain buy (total product value is £77.50). soap and glory, spa wonder, boots, beauty products, beauty review, righteous butter, scrub of your life, clean on me, face mask, make up, gift box, beauty box soap and glory, spa wonder, boots, beauty products, beauty review, face mask, make upI have used a few of these Soap and Glory products before but some were new ones for me to try. I’ll give you my thoughts on all of them though, as well as the individual retail prices for each product. soap and glory, spa wonder, boots, beauty products, beauty review, righteous butter, scrub of your life, clean on me, face mask, make up

The Scrub of your Life (£7.00)

I often find body exfoliators to be too abrasive but this one isn’t at all. It’s made my skin feel incredible and really made a difference to my elbows and shins where I really suffer with dry skin.

Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (£6.50)

With built-in body lotion, I really like this creamy, softly-scented shower gel. It makes my skin feel very fresh and well moisturised, which is helpful as the water in my area is really chalky so I find it dries my skin out so much normally.

Bright + Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask (£3.50)

I’ve written before that sheet masks aren’t my preference and I maintain that again after this one. It was refreshing (in fact, really cold to put on) and had a lovely citrus smell. It claims to be the solution to dull, tired, stressed-looking skin but my skin is none of these things so maybe that’s why I didn’t see much change.

Smoothie Star Body Lotion (£10.00)

This body lotion is amazing for my skin and it smells like cookie dough (they say almond, oats & brown sugar, but trust me, it smells like cookies). I really like this product having not tried it before and it has kept my skin from struggling with dryness as much as it usually does during the winter.

The Righteous Butter Body Wash (£7.00)

This is so creamy that it almost feels whipped. Aside from making my shower tray really slippy to stand on as it rinses off, I like this product a lot as an everyday body wash.

The Righteous Butter Body Butter (£10.00)

I find this too thick to be a regular-use body butter but I love the smell of it (the signature Soap & Glory Original Pink scent) and I do like to use this once a week for a complete top to toe deep moisturise.

Supercat Eyeliner (£6.50)

I don’t wear liquid eyeliner so this item is wasted on me. The brush looks like it’d draw a great line though and it’s very dark which is nice.

Thick & Fast Mascara (£10.00)

I already have quite dark lashes so need a mascara that really adds volume and thickness. This mascara claims to create “longer, fuller lashes” but in my experience with it, it didnt’t do this for me.

Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Facial Wash (£8.00)

With soft, jojoba scrub-beads and a whole host of vitamins, I really like this face wash. I have to be quite careful about what I use on my face but this is refreshing, cleansing and hasn’t caused me any irritation or dryness. After just a few uses, my skin was looking brighter and with a more even tone.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss (£9.00)

This lip gloss in Plums Up is very similar to my natural lip colour. So whilst it doesn’t give me a standout shade, it does provide a nice sheen, goes on really easily and isn’t sticky at all. There is something in it which makes my lips tingle…having checked their website, this is attributed to SUPERFILL and LIPSWELL which are supposed to give volume for fuller lips.

Do you have favourite Soap and Glory products? Do you bulk-buy in the Christmas sales like I do? Comment below or let me know over on my Instagram post: @amiilau

soap and glory, spa wonder, boots, beauty products, beauty review, righteous butter, scrub of your life, clean on me, face mask, make up, budget beauty

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