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What to pack for a ski holiday

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If you follow me on social media, then you’ll probably have seen that I recently got back from a family holiday to stunning Lapland. As well as snowboarding and skiing, we also did a bunch of really fun activities – visiting a reindeer farm, taking a night-time horse and sled ride, driving husky sleds, and more.what to pack for a ski holiday, levi, Lapland, skiing, winer holidayLapland was magical. The most wintery place I’ve ever been with so much snow and just a complete festive feel every day. We stayed in the lovely resort of Levi, approximately 170km north of the Arctic circle so we had to be prepared for the cold.

levi, lapland, finland, arctic circle, skiing, winter holidaySo, what should you pack for a ski holiday?

Include these basics:

  • ski jacket and trousers
  • good pair of ski gloves / mittens
  • goggles
  • ski socks – wool ones
  • thermals – top and bottom
  • hat – warm, woolly one and a helmet too (if you have your own)
  • face / neck warmer (or a balaclava if it’s going to be really cold)
  • decent walking / outdoor boots
  • comfortable underwear & sports bras
  • sunglasses
  • comfy, warm clothes for when you’re not on the slopes
  • toiletries

And then I also recommend these 5 extras (they made a huge difference for my recent trip):

Hot water bottle

I get very achey and stiff muscles regardless of the activity I’m doing so the suggestion by my mum to take a hot water bottle on my snowboarding holiday was genius. It is such great relief to get some concentrated heat on your muscles and definitely helps ease the aches and pains at the end of every day. ski holiday, winter essentials, hot water bottle, snow, winterFlipflops

When you’ve been in ski or snowboard boots all day, it’s nice to put on a comfy pair of flipflops and give your feet some space and air when you’re lounging around your accommodation. havaianas, flipflops, ski holiday, winter holiday, comfortInner gloves

These were a bargain from GoOutdoors (£10.80) and not only meant my hands stayed really warm when wearing my ski mitts, but I could also take my mitts off to take photos without getting numb fingers! The index fingers and thumbs on the gloves are touch-screen compatible and it was appreciated in such cold weather. trekmates, gooutdoors, gloves, liner gloves, touchscreenIbuprofen

Skiing holidays are active and even if you’re an active person normally, skiing and snowboarding work muscles that you probably aren’t making the most of in your usual day to day routines. So, much like the hot water bottle, you will appreciate having ibuprofen to help with any muscle and joint pain.


Lip balm with an spf (winter sun can be stronger than you think) is definitely a staple for a ski holiday but I also recommend Vaseline as it provides a thicker barrier against the wind and cold. Don’t just use it on your lips though, I tend to put a bit wherever my goggles and facemask don’t cover (nose, cheeks, forehead, if needed) as it does make a holiday, winter essentials, vaseline, labello, lip balm, beauty

So there you have it – what to pack for a ski holiday; a quick checklist for the basics and then my 5 recommended extras. If any of you have been to Levi, please do comment and let me know your favourite experiences. If you’re heading to the mountains this year, stay warm, stay safe and have a lot of fun. what to pack for a ski holiday, amii at thirty, snowboarding, half term, winter break

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