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Explore Netherlands #7 – Amsterdam Light Festival, part 2

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Following this visit to the water exhibition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, I went back a few weeks later to see the land exhibition. Usually spread through the city, this year the land exhibition was concentrated around the Marineterrein area – about a 20 minute walk east of Centraal Station.

The land displays were only available from 14 December til 7 January (the water artworks can be seen from 30 November – 21 January) so I had to get in a visit before I went back to the UK for my Christmas holiday. amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, street art, light display, immersionI’ve added photos of a few of the different artworks below but I want to share my thoughts on a couple which really hit me hard and that I continue to think about on a regular basis.

SQUARED TIME by Hanna Betsema amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, light art, street art, light display, timeThe young artist behind this work asks the question: how can you manage your valuable time most efficiently?

One of the studies she found to help answer this states that we work best in 10-minute blocks. Her artwork therefore sets out 144 light blocks that represent the 144 10-minute blocks we have each day.

Not only does the artwork show time in such a tangible way but the display is laid out so that you can walk all the way around it and really take in just how much time we truly have every day.

As someone who lives, what I perceive to be, a busy life, I often look at the photos of the display or think about it, and truly consider whether I am actually busy or whether I’m just not making the most of the time I have. I don’t believe we should fill our days full of activity; I think it’s important to consider the idle time we have as well.

How many of those blocks do I actually use for myself, to be still in a hectic world, to reflect on the blocks that are packed with activity? How many of these blocks do I use for something other than my job and sleeping? How do I balance these blocks or am I already doing this? What could I use a 10-minute block for that is more important than what I’m using it for now? 

144 blocks of time in every day: are you making the most of them?

The Wood Would by Verena Hall amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, light art, impact on the world, desires, action and reactionThrough a small doorway, you step onto a wooden jetty over a pool of water in a room with charcoal-drawn walls that make it look as though you’re stood in a beautiful forest. The jetty sits so low to the water that your footsteps cause ripples across the previously still surface.

The artist wants you to look at how your actions and desires can sometimes cause destruction in what you are pursuing.

I looked at this as though the smallest of actions can cause such damage to the beauty of the natural world around us. And, how something small that we do can have a big effect on something else.

Do your negative words become poisonous to the group of people around you? Are your daily habits not healthy for your mind and body? Are your actions completed to the detriment of someone or something else? Do you acknowledge the consequences, good and bad, of pursuing your desires for beauty, love, money, power or whatever else they may be? 

Every action has a reaction: is this something you consider in the way you live your life?

amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, light art, brocken 6a, yasuhiro chida

Brocken 6A by Yasuhiro Chidaamsterdam light festival, amsterdam, schrodingers cat, light art, street art, art display

amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, schrodingers cat, cat in a box, light art, cat garden

The Garden of Schrodinger’s Cats by Takeo Sugamata

amsterdam light festival, amsterdam, light art, street art, art exhibition, amii at thirty

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