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Blogmas Top of the Pops

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Ok, so I’m not doing Blogmas this year as 2016’s attempt was challenge enough in a month that is already insanely busy.

Instead, I’m bringing you the highlights of my top 5 Blogmas 2016 posts as they seemed to be enjoyed so much that I thought I’d recycle some Christmas cheer. christmas, christmas lights, fairy lights, zwolle, netherlands, christmastimeThese chart-topping 5 posts were calculated from comments, likes and views and in true Top of the Pops Christmas number 1 countdown-style, we’ll kick-off the most popular posts at number five with…

My Christmas gift to you

Some absolute classics in this playlist so it should be a go-to year after year. Who will you spend Christmas with this year: Frank? Bing? Nat? Either way, there’s an hour and a half of smashing Christmas tunes here to enjoy.

Coming in at number four is…

Winter skincare

I am really suffering with the damp cold in the Netherlands; it’s actually worse than England. I have upped my game with winter skincare and am getting through products like you wouldn’t believe. I nearly cried last night when I realised there was no more Burt’s Bees lip balm to twist up in the tube I keep next to my bed.

Mid-chart, at number three is…

In desperate need of comfort food

Anyone else feeling like this at the moment? My parents brought me a tub of Bisto over from the UK last week as that’s the level I’m at right now – pies, stews and hearty soups. What are your winter comfort foods?

Just off the top spot, at number two it’s…

Letter to Santa

So my requests for the big man in red are basically the same again this year although, to be fair, he totally delivered on a new David Attenborough series for us with Blue Planet II. Cheers Santa!

And finally, it’s number one; it’s Top of the Pops….

My dread of a work Christmas party

Well, I’m pleased that so many of you loved this last year and the sentiment definitely still holds true for me. Thankfully, the Dutch don’t seem to throw a Christmas party like the Brits do so other than a post-work borrel (drinks and snacks, Dutch-style), there will be no awkward party evening to deal with. What are your thoughts on a work’s do? If you dislike them as much as I do, how do you manage to get through it?

That’s it for my Blogmas Top of the Pops. I hope you enjoyed reading (or revisiting) my chart-topping festive posts. Have a wonderful end to the year and lots of success if you’re doing Blogmas for 2017.

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Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

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