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Sampling Beauty: round-up

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With more than £14bn spent each year on beauty and personal care products in the UK and knowing that I contribute to that in a really really small way, I thought it would be fun to expand my knowledge of beauty products and give some new items a try.

I started this back in February with the first of my five Sampling Beauty posts. Each of these posts contains my honest reviews of beauty products that I’d never tried before and some from brands I’d never even heard of before. (Note: these posts were not sponsored)

For a selection of products to try, I subscribed to Love Me Beauty. This gives you 60 credits a month to use against their beauty edit and usually allows you to choose at least 3 items. The products then come in a unique, make-up bag which is different each month. These are a couple of my favourite ones: love me beauty, beauty bags, make up bag, beauty productsI also chose Pick ‘n’ Mix products from Feel Unique which has a large range of sample-size products to try. You can select 5 for a p&p cost of £3.95. (note: I’ve tried going on the UK site to look at the pick ‘n’ mix offer today but either it is blocking me as I’m in the Netherlands or they’ve removed the option)

As a round-up to my Sampling Beauty series, I have gone back through my posts and chosen my top 5 favourite beauty products (in no particular order) from the 46 items that I reviewed.

  1. Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser Tint – expensive but genuinely one of the best products I’ve ever used on my face, especially as I don’t wear foundation or anything else like that perricone md face finishing moisturiser tint, face cream, moisturizer, beauty products, beauty sample
  2. Caudalie Energising and Soothing Eye Cream – so light and refreshing and honestly made a difference to my dark bags
  3. Nuxe hand and nail cream – fresh, easily absorbed and perfect for my handbag
  4. Clinique Aromatics in White – I’m not a perfume fan at all but I just really like this one and it’s the first fragrance I’ve come across in years that I can actually tolerate around me for more than 2 minutes
  5. Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain in Sienna – great colour, long lasting and not sticky, what more do you want from a lip stain manna kadar lip locked stain sienna, lip gloss, lipstick, beauty products, beauty sample, review

There were lots of other beauty products that I really liked as well, including a number of other Nuxe and Caudalie items and the Amie matte-finish moisturiser, which was so great and such a bargain. And, of course, there were also quite a few that I did not like at all – the La Roche-Posay Cleansing Body Cream Gel and the Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment were simply not for me.

I really loved trying new beauty brands and products though and have definitely found some firm favourites to add to my limited beauty range and regime.

Have you tried any of the products I covered in my Sampling Beauty series? Any standout favourites? Comment or let me know on social media: @amiilau

To have a look back at all five posts in the Sampling Beauty, click the links below:

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One thought on “Sampling Beauty: round-up

  1. Great blog post. I need to try these.Be sure to check out and comment on my latest post here xx


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