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Autumn Tag 2017

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I do not cope well with the swift move into autumn. I should be used to it living in Europe where the dark evenings creep in quickly and the weather turns rainy and cold in the blink of an eye. But, I’m not used to it; even after 31 (nearly 32) years.

Despite struggling with the seasonal change, there are actually lots of things I love about autumn. Not least, that it brings my birthday and therefore a fun holiday or trip to celebrate – I’m firmly on the countdown to Marbella next week for some sun and golf with my parents.

To focus on the positives of autumn and to get me out of my writing slump, I decided to give this Autumn Tag a go. I read one of these last week over at Queen Sapphire and thought I’d try it.

Here are my responses to Jess’s Autumn Tag questions:

1.What are your favourite lip products this Autumn?

Lip balm all the way for me during autumn as my lips dry out and crack as soon as the wind and cold weather blow in.

In my handbag, I have these two from Vaseline and Hema: vaseline, hema, lip balm, lip therapy, beauty, autumnOn my bedside table, to use before I go to sleep, is this Nuxe Reve de Miel: nuxe, rêve de miel, lip balm, beauty, autumn beauty

2. What is your perfect autumn getaway?

As mentioned above, October is my birthday month and because birthdays are a bit rubbish once you’re an adult, I try to go somewhere nice each year. I always try and get a bit of sun so Marbella is a regular go-to (mainly because my parents have an apartment out there) but last year I ventured to the South of France and it was so much fun.

3. Who’s Instagram is inspiring you the most this autumn and why?

I love seeing my Instagram feed full of autumn-themed photos, but over the last couple of weeks Little Miss Mel (@littlemissmelanie12) has totally nailed it. Autumn leaves galore and an Eiffel Tower pic too.

4. What is your favourite thing about autumn?

Crunching through the leaves. Need I say more.

5. What’s your favourite autumnal candle?

I tend towards warm, cozy scents such as cinnamon, gingerbread and other spiced smells.

6. OOTD – show us a picture of what you’re wearing today. 

Definitely a boots day today – I bought these ones for an absolute bargain price (£10!!) when I was in New Zealand in July and I’ve worn them so much already:autumn fashion, boots, chelsea boots, clothing, seasonal clothesToday was also a windy, rainy, scarf and beret-wearing kind of day so I had my favourite mustard combo on: autumn fashion, autumn clothing, scarf, hat, beret, mustard, autumn colours7. Does your wardrobe completely change for autumn or does it stay the same all year?

The staples stay the same – tshirts, jeans, cardigans, scarves – but just get chunkier and warmer and the colours move away from pastels towards darker, autumnal shades. Lots of navy, maroon, teal, mustard, etc.

8. What are 2 things you love doing in the autumn?

Wrapping up snuggly warm in chunky knits and my favourite pair of boots (just like I did today!) and going for a walk through the park to see all the beautiful colours and crunch through the fallen leaves.

9. What’s your zodiac sign?

Libra – autumn birthday in the middle of October.

10. What are your plans for this Halloween?

The rugby club I coach at is hosting a Halloween party so I’ll get dressed up and head there. Can’t wait to be in fancy dress and to have to cycle 15 minutes through the city to get to the rugby club!….

If you fancy doing an Autumn Tag, here’s a list of questions to copy, paste and fill in. Please comment and share your links or tag me in them on Twitter: @amiilau

1. What signifies the start of autumn for you?

2. What is your ideal autumn getaway?

3. Who’s Instagram is inspiring you the most this autumn and why?

4. What is your favourite thing about autumn?

5. What’s your favourite autumnal scent?

6. Show us a picture of your favourite autumn outfit / item of clothing.

7. What’s on your autumn playlist?

8. What are 2 things you love doing in the autumn?

9. What is your go-to beauty product in autumn?

10. What TV series are you looking forward to starting / returning this autumn?

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