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My top picks for Summer Nails


Summer nails should be bold and bright, and in today’s post I share a few of my favourite summer shades and colour combinations. Now, whilst I’m not much of a girlie girl, I love having my nails painted. For so many years, I played team sports and had to keep my nails super short; I was also a nail biter for years growing up so they never looked nice enough to be painted. summer nails, nail varnish, nail polish, essie, nails inc, hema, barry m, beautyFrom a recent Love Me Beauty selection, I picked two Nails Inc gel effect polishes. I’ve always really liked Nails Inc products and their colour range is absolutely huge. I have other gel effect shades that are much more suited to autumn/winter – dark purples, deep reds, etc, but these two are absolutely ideal for the summer: the yellow is called Seven Dials and the peach/nude is Spring Gardens. I find the Nails Inc polishes to be pretty long lasting and chip-resistant anyway but the gel effect ones are really durable and they give such a good coverage even with just 2 quick coats.nails inc, nail polish, beauty, peachEssie Mint Candy Apple has been my favourite colour for 4 years. The first time I picked it was when I was travelling in New Zealand and Australia and treated myself to a manicure when I was in Sydney. It was the colour I chose at the nail bar and then I went out and bought it the next day so that I’d always have it in my stock. It’s such a refreshing colour and instantly makes me feel like its summer when I have it on. I really like that it tones so well with my new Seven Dials Nails Inc shade. nails inc, essie, mint candy apple, nails polish, beautyFor the best budget nail varnishes, Hema is amazing. They have a huge range of colours and also have a number of base layers and top coats that are also really good value for money and great quality. I bought North Sea Blue as it was the perfect shade of blue to match a dress I have but I use it quite often now. It cost £3.50 and I also often use it for a pedicure as it lasts for weeks without chipping and is a nice, not-in-your-face shade which is what I prefer for my toes. hema, nail varnish, deep sea blueIn a summer nails post, I couldn’t leave out coral. Absolutely gorgeous with a tan, coral just isn’t a colour I can go to at any other time of the year. I like Nail Paint by Barry M in Coral – it’s a little thin so a few coats are needed but it’s a great shade, a little darker and less orange than some coral nail polishes, but really lovely. barry m, nails, coral, nail varnish, beautyWhat are your go-to summer nail colours? Which nail polish brands do you recommend?

Note: I do have a right hand… but whilst moving house, I chipped two of my nails which haven’t had time to grow back and be re-shaped, so they look really untidy!

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Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

5 thoughts on “My top picks for Summer Nails

  1. I’m growing my nails so this will really help me! It’d mean a lot if you checked and liked my recent blog post too


  2. great blog post, love your blog so much I think it is absolutely stunning and you are so talented


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