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4 Ways to Easy Savings

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With two bank holidays this month, Easter a not-too-distant event and a bunch of family birthdays, I’m struggling to add my usual amount to my holiday fund. I’m sure there are plenty others feeling the pinch too so I thought I’d share a few tips on where to magic up a few extra quid from. 4 ways to easy savings, budgeting, finance, money saving tips, lifestyle blog

Here are 4 ways to make easy savings:


It’s easy enough for me to get to shops on my lunch break to pick up lunch but it also costs me so much more than if I just got myself organised and made lunch at home to bring with me each day. If I pop out and buy lunch, it’ll cost me around £2-£5 a day.

Last week, I made some Mediterranean vegetable couscous and had some of that each day, layered with cherry tomatoes, feta, pine nuts and a little bit of hummous (total cost for the week: £6.60). This week, I roasted a whole pack of chicken thighs and will have 1 or 2 of those each day with a salad of spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, sweetcorn and mayo (total cost for the week: £7.29).

Saving: £65 ish


I love Quidco and try and do as much of my shopping through their links as possible. Over the past couple of years, I’ve reclaimed over £560 in cashback. Even when the cashback is only a few percent and even though you have to wait for it to be confirmed and paid, it’s so worth it as the drips of money start to add up.

In the past few weeks, I’ve had cashback from trains I booked, from a hen party gift I bought, from some books I needed and from a Chinese takeaway (I’m not giving up all the luxuries!).

Saving: £5.58 (every little counts)


I drive 17 miles each way to work and spend around £80 a month on fuel. To save a bit of money this month, I’m planning on only using the car for those necessary journeys and will avoid all the quick, convenience trips that I could do without or do on foot instead.

I can also be a little lazy in that I live really centrally in Birmingham but the walk home from the Bullring and train station is uphill so sometimes (when I’m tired, it’s late or it’s raining) I get an Uber (it’s literally so close that they have to add to the fare to make it meet the minimum of £3.50!).  This occurrence is usually a couple of times a month so I’m pledging to stop doing that this month, and hopefully more longer term too!

Saving: at least £40

Beauty Products

Whilst I’m not one to spend loads every month on beauty products and toiletries, I did a little check through my last few bank statements and I do spend on bits here and there and those add up quickly. With my Sampling Beauty series though and a subscription box I had monthly last year, I do have baskets and boxes full of products that I need to make more use out of.

It’s been like going shopping in my own bathroom now that I’ve spent some time going through all the samples and minis I have and I’ve found some real treats – including a Givenchy mascara, Clinique face wash and Aussie shampoo.

Saving: £35

Total Saving: £145.58 to add into my holiday fund

What quick and easy money-saving tips do you swear by? What’s the one thing you know is a luxury but still spend money on it regularly? What’s the one luxury you could easily give up for a month? Comment and let me know.


Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

One thought on “4 Ways to Easy Savings

  1. Ooh I love reading money saving blogs! I’m always keen to save money because I like booking lots of little holidays throughout the year. I found my biggest saver was bringing lunch and a plastic bottle filled with water to work everyday.

    But no matter what, I can never seem to give up buying a coffee on those mornings when I feel like I need a caffeine kick (it’s literally my biggest downfall even though it’s not luxury)


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