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April Playlist


I’ve struggled with feeling motivated or inspired in recent months and, naturally, my motivation to sit and write blog posts has also really dwindled. Apologies to my readers for that. I am going to try and write more again now that we’re into a new month.

I always try and find things in my day to draw positivity from even if I’m not feeling great and so often, like many others I’m sure, I love listening to music. I have go-to albums and artists for every mood and I have pretty eclectic tastes in music, from classical to country, hip-hop to house, pop to punk, and so much more in between.

This is my April playlist…

The New One

Whilst we’re so many years down the path of TV talent shows, I can’t remember a singer who reached into my soul, warmed my heart and put a smile on my face quite like the winner of this year’s The Voice. 21-year old Mo has a voice that transcends generations. A true classic who could have found his place in any great musical era and is completely unlike any other reality singing show contestant I can recall.

Mo‘s EP – Globetrotter – has 5 tracks (1 is repeated though but as an acoustic version) and I can listen to them on repeat for hours, which I’ve done a lot this past month. Iron Sky in particular is out of this world; beautiful and so powerful.

I know previous The Voice winners haven’t gone on to see much success but I can’t wait to see what Mo does next. His talent is simply exceptional and his voice is one to make time for.


The Anticipated One

Since Human was first championed by various Radio One djs early last year, its stratospheric growth can’t be ignored. Probably then, the most anticipated release in a very long time, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man‘s debut studio album of the same name doesn’t disappoint. His voice is stunning; it touches every cell of my body with its richness and depth. I absolutely love this album. Some of the songs are so haunting and some are so uplifting, like gospel music.

The tone of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s voice reminds me of the soul singers I grew up listening to and there’s a real comfort in that. Each song on the album is amazing but if I had to pick favourites then Love You Any Less and Grace are right up there.


The Surprising One

What I love about music is that people will often make assumptions on your taste based on how you look and what they know of you. If I’m on a train and see someone with headphones in, I try and guess what they’re listening to. I love to imagine though that the middle-aged, suited businessman is listening to Skepta; the trendy, hipster teen is listening to Dolly Parton; the elderly woman with her knitting out is silently raving to a Ministry of Sound Ibiza Annual.

The album that has so much of my attention at the moment and that I’m forever dancing/jumping around my flat to is Stormzy’s Gang Signs & Prayer. So yes, if you see me on the train looking preppy and like a predictable, straight-laced, middle class, white girl then make all the assumptions you want but I’ll be in my own bubble consumed by this awesome album and absorbed in the voice and words of an absolute superstar. Mr Skeng and Cold are my top track picks but if you haven’t listened to this album, make it a priority in May as it’s too good to be missing out on.


The Motivating One

There are some truly amazing Spotify playlists available and my current obsession when I’m at the gym is ‘All Gold 80s‘. With nearly 7 hours of music, I haven’t found a song on there that I’d skip past and so many times have I found myself grinning from nostalgia and wanting to sing at the top of my lungs when I’m in the middle of a run or pushing my way through a 60-minute cycle.

There are too many great songs on this playlist to mention but get on to Spotify and get listening as it’s packed full of fun.


The Rewind One

Since its 2011 release, Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom is an album that’s been with me as a go-to through so many experiences. From helping me drift off to sleep during stressful exam periods to being the ideal soundtrack to my travels around New Zealand and Australia, his voice, lyrics and music are perfect in every way and I feel such calm and happiness from the tracks on this album.

I revisited Every Kingdom throughout April after I heard a track played on the radio early in the month but I always seem to rewind to this album when my life is in need of lightness and it’s been lovely to have that again in recent weeks.


If you haven’t listened to the music I’ve mentioned, then give it a try and let me know what you think. What’s on your playlist at the moment? What are your go-to albums or artists for motivation and inspiration?playlist, music, album, spotify, skullcandy headphones, tracklist

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  1. I love the idea of this blog post 🙂 , will definitely give Your playlist a try 🙂 !

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