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Sampling Beauty #2


I chose a broad range of products in March’s Feel Unique pick ‘n’ mix samples and my Love Me Beauty bag. Whilst I’m completely sold on a few of the picks, some of the products were just a step too far from my humble beauty routine. From Googling ‘what is cleanser for?’ to the far-from-ideal consistency and look of a body cream-gel, it was a month full of new product experiences for me.

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Burt’s Bees Night Cream with clary sage – the little sample portion had enough product in for a week’s worth of testing which I appreciated. The cream itself was a bit too thick for my liking – I especially don’t like putting anything too heavy on my face – but it had a neutral smell which I did really like as I’m not keen on going to bed with any strong, fragrant smells around me. I wouldn’t use this as a regular night cream but perhaps in the winter when my face feels battered from the cold, wet weather, it would be a product I’d use to help keep my skin hydrated.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet Cleansing Body Cream-gel – there was nothing I liked about this product. The consistency is horrible, it rubs in thick and white and leaves your skin feeling so sticky. It has no smell at all which I think just adds to the overall blandness of the roche-posay, body cream-gel, beauty product, beauty sample, body lotionla roche-posay, body cream-gel, beauty sample, beauty review, body creamNuxe Ultra Comforting Face Cream – I’m becoming a real fan of Nuxe products and this face cream is lovely. Light and easily absorbed, it made my skin feel fresh and hydrated. I really like this as a day cream as my make-up went on really nicely straight away – I hate having to wait for face cream to soak in.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – the perfect handbag size and I like the light floral smell (probably from the rosewater) and the silky texture of this hand cream. A nice regular-use option which isn’t greasy at all and contains shea butter and avocado extracts making it a really good moisturiser.

Clinique Aromatics in White – I’m not much of a perfume person as I’m really not good with strong smells around me. Although this is quite floral, it’s more of an undertone (includes vanilla, rose, orange blossom, amber and musk) as the top notes includes sichuan pepper and violet pepper which I think adds a totally different dimension to the fragrance. I really like this and although I’m still never going to be a daily perfume-wearer, it’s so lovely to have found a fragrance I’m happy with.

Love Me Beautylove me beauty, perricone md, caudalie, ecotools, ultrasun, beauty samples, beauty products

Caudalie Energising and Soothing Eye Cream – as I head deeper into my thirties, I’m aware that my skin isn’t as youthful and elastic as it once was – especially on my face and I’m starting to see little lines and creases appearing where once it was all so smooth. I also think my tiredness shows more than ever so I figured an eye cream might do me some favours. I really love this Caudalie eye cream. It’s light and refreshing and really is ‘energising and soothing’ – so nice when a product does what it says it will. I’ve been using this cream morning and night for nearly a month and there’s still a fair bit left in the small tube

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment – I used this product twice a day for a few weeks and I’m sorry but I’m just not convinced and I’ve had to give up. Apparently it “deeply cleanses makeup and skin-aging debris as it gently exfoliates and conditions, leaving an instantly smooth and radiant appearance” but for me, it dries my skin out, and I’ve had more spots in that time than I’ve had in the past five years. My skin feels irritated and often itchy and this is the only product I can trace that back to.

Ultrasun Shimmering Sun Lotion for Sensitive Skin – whilst my skin tans very quickly and I rarely burn, I’m still fully-committed to making sure I have a decent SPF lotion to use when out in the sun. Last weekend I finally got a chance to use this product as the weather was so glorious. The consistency of the Ultrasun lotion was great, not too thick but also not too runny. It rubbed in easily and wasn’t too sticky.

However, I hadn’t bargained for just how ‘shimmering’ it would be. You know that moment in Twilight with Edward and Bella in the meadow and she sees his real skin in the sunlight for the first time? Well, that’s the level of sparkle I’m talking about here. It just felt a bit much. I’d definitely try the other Ultrasun lotions though but not fussed on the shimmer from this one.

EcoTools Precision Blush – I added this to March’s Love Me Beauty bag as I didn’t think it would be full-size and I could really do with a travel-size blush brush. Totally wrong – it’s full-size. I’m not complaining though as it’s great. The bristles are soft and it gives a nice, even distribution of powder onto my face.

Update: Last month I wrote about the Kat Von D lipstick in Underage Red. I have since tried it and although I do think the colour is just too bold for me, the lasting effect was really impressive. I put on one quick coat (no other products) and after a 3-course meal with drinks, the colour was still firmly in place (not a stain left on my glass and it took a good cleansing wipe to remove it when I took my make-up off later that night). I’ve never known any lipstick to hold up so well and so I’d definitely be keen to try this product in a different, not so in-your-face shade – maybe Lolita or Chula.

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4 thoughts on “Sampling Beauty #2

  1. I really like Caudalie. I have never been unhappy with their products. Same with Nuxe.I don’t know the other brand though. Thanks for sharing! xx corinne


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