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6 awesome shows to watch on Netflix

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Like millions of other people, I’m pretty obsessed with Netflix. I love being able to catch up with great programmes (and movies) as and when I want and I’m pretty partial to full days of binge-watching shows – who isn’t?

Episodes of my favourite shows also get me through hours at the gym – when my mind is on tv, I don’t even notice how long I’ve been cycling or running for.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my thoughts on 6 awesome shows to watch on Netflix. (it’s Netflix UK for me but I think a lot of these shows would be available worldwide)

Don’t worry, no plot spoilers here, just overviews and opinions….netflix, netflix originals, streaming, tv shows, binge watchingRiverdale

I’ve always loved the Archie comics – wholesome, humorous and relatable – so I was really excited when I heard Riverdale was being made. I deliberately avoided any details released about the show but was more than pleasantly surprised to see such a dark take on the light-hearted comics. Centred around the mysterious death of a local boy, the characters are great – definitely in keeping with a lot of their traits from the comics – but just darker. I’m loving this show and only wish it wasn’t a “new episode released weekly” one!


How To Get Away With Murder

As a long-time super fan of the various shows to come from ShondaLand, How To Get Away With Murder doesn’t disappoint. Viola Davis is an exceptional actress and I love the storylines in this show. Mystery, intrigue, interesting personal relationships, and did I mention how incredible Viola Davis is…so good, she needs a double mention. (this isn’t a Netflix Original but it hadn’t aired on UK TV so I’m grateful for Netflix adding this)


House of Cards

American politics is a huge interest of mine and I love any shows/movies set against this backdrop. House of Cards is superbly well-written, Kevin Spacey is unbelievably talented and plays such an evil character so well that you can’t help but be engrossed, and I love that the writers don’t mind taking big, bold risks with the storylines (eg. Kate Mara in season 1 – no spoilers here though so I won’t say anything more about that).



I came across this show only recently and am already hooked. I’m not a religious person at all and as this is based around a family who runs a mega-church, I was a bit hesitant about whether I’d find it interesting. The family drama, however, is gripping with the dynamic between siblings, parents and members of the congregation/local community really intriguing. I can’t wait to see this develop and can’t wait ’til the weekend when I’ll get a spare minute to watch some more. (this show was initially aired on OWN in the US but Netflix picked it up as an Original for its worldwide regions)


Chef’s Table

This was recommended to me by a friend and before that I’d avoided it as I thought it was a reality TV show – similar to Masterchef. It’s not; each episode is a documentary about a world-class chef. I now can’t get enough of this show – thank goodness there are 18 hour-long episodes available so far and extra Chef’s Table: France ones too! The food is beautiful, the episodes are shot so wonderfully and the stories of these top chefs are fascinating, emotional and inspiring. If you love great food, this will make you super hungry and give you massive food envy but it will also have you utterly absorbed.



The cast of siblings in this show is epic and whilst I didn’t love the second season as much as the first, it’s still captivating throughout and I had to keep watching as I couldn’t bear not knowing what would happen next. The premise of this is that the black sheep sibling returns to the family home after his father has passed away and brings a whole world of drama dragging his sheriff brother, lawyer sister and other relatives and friends into his troubles.


Ok, so it’s maybe become a little obvious that, on the whole, I love a drama with a bit of mystery, some family intrigue, lots of twists and turns, and a host of fascinating characters.

Please do give these shows a view though as they’re really great. I hope you enjoy my suggestions of 6 awesome shows to watch on Netflix – don’t forget to comment and let me know your recommendations too.

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