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The one resource I use everyday


It’s no secret that I am organised. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m uncomfortable with a lack of structure, planning and processes. This is particularly so in my professional life but also pretty evident in my personal life too.

I carry a hardback day-to-page diary as well as a notebook (who am I kidding, I’m usually found with 2 or 3 notebooks – 1 for general notes, 1 for my blog, 1 for work), I also use the Notes apps on my phone and iPad and I use my work Outlook calendar (which is also synched to my phone). I like lists and mindmaps, scribbled notes and meticulously colour-coded notes. Basically, anything that contributes to maintaining a level of organisation also gives a level of calm and comfort to my world.

Around 2 years ago, I came across Trello and I’ve never looked back. For these past few years, Trello has become the one resource I use every day.

What is Trello?

Trello is a project management application, launched in 2011 and now with over 14 million sign ups and more than 1.1 million daily active users.

How does Trello work?

Trello provides a method to manage projects visually through the use of boards, lists and cards. Users can set up boards to reflect projects and, within those boards, create lists which correspond to task lists required for the project. Within a list, you can add cards for each of the individual tasks you need to complete.

For shared projects, you are able to share boards with other users and also add members to cards so that different team members can clearly see the cards (tasks) allocated to them.

Trello can be accessed online or through an app, making it really easy to use as and when you need to add or amend your boards, lists and cards.

I use a free version of Trello (a paid version is available), so all the features I discuss in this post relate to what’s available for free. trello, organisation, project management, work, professional, guide, organised

How can Trello be used?


  • there are 9 background colours to choose from for a board
  • boards have 3 visibility settings: Private, Team, Public
  • you can star a board so that it always shows at the top of your boards list
  • within a board, you can filter cards by label, due date or member to be shown relevant cards only


  • the order of lists in a board can be changed by clicking and dragging them to a different position
  • lists can be moved to a different board
  • you can subscribe to lists and will be notified by email if changes are made


  • cards can be labelled with colour-coded tags – you can add label names to each colour option (there are 10 colours available)
  • a due date can be added to a card
  • attachments and links can be added to cards
  • checklists can be added to cards
  • comments can be added to cards
  • members can be allocated to cards trello, organisation, project management, work, how to guide

How do I use Trello for work?

I have monthly boards for my work tasks – each called TT Marketing Month Year.

The board for the current month has 7 lists – Ongoing To Do, ASAP To Do, To do – this week, Completed, Annual Event Planning, Talk To, Ideas & Thoughts. trello, organisation, project management, work, professional

At the end of the month, I move all lists (except for the Completed list) over to the next month. That way, I have running to-do lists on my current board as well as an easy reference of what I’ve completed each month if I click back on previous boards – useful for a number of reasons, not least when it comes to trying to recall achievements and completed actions ahead of meetings, reviews or appraisals.

How do I use Trello in my personal life?

The board I use for personal to-do items has a To Do list and a Completed List as well as an Ideas list (for all kinds of random thoughts, ideas and plans I have and want to note down so I don’t forget). As an example, I use my Personal board to add key dates for car things such as insurance renewal date, MOT and service dates, etc – it’s so useful to be able to add due dates and colour code all car-related cards with the same colour.

How do I use Trello for my blog and social media?

After finding this brilliant blog post through Pinterest, I have also been using Trello for a month or so now to help me stay organised with my blog and social media. The excellent template and explanation from Mariah has helped me implement and maintain an easy-to-follow structure for managing my blog and my social media accounts. I was so excited to come across this post and will be eternally grateful to Mariah for showing me another way to make great use of this resource.

It did take a bit a of time to get it set up – to decide on the schedule I wanted to work to, which Facebook groups to join and engage with, Twitter chats to take part in, etc – but it was totally worth it and I now have another reason to use this resource every day and it’s one that helps me out a lot. trello, organisation, project management, work, blog, social media, organised

I love being busy but to be busy and successful and not neglectful or forgetful, I really believe that structure and order is key. Trello is the perfect resource to assist with this and I hope I’ve explained it enough to help you see how you could also use it. Let me know how you get on.

Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

6 thoughts on “The one resource I use everyday

  1. This looks really useful, I might give it a go! Being organised makes you feel so satisfied, I love it!


  2. I found it helpful that you showed the screenshot that has different boards labeled so I can connect what you’re explaining with how it looks on Trello. I will definitely check out the link you shared from Mariah.


  3. Really appreciate your blog. Yup,very useful. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re most welcome.


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