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My Christmas gift to you


Every Christmas morning, my dad asks us “Are we having Christmas with Bing? With Frank? With Nat? With Dean? Or with the whole bunch?” We then have music playing whilst we open our presents and throughout Christmas Day.

So my Christmas gift to you all is a playlist packed full of these superstars doing what they did best – entertaining the world…

Spotify: It’s not Christmas without half the Rat Pack…

I wrote on day thirteen of blogmas about traditions and I hadn’t forgotten about this one from my family, I was just saving it for its own special post.

Christmas without these legends just isn’t Christmas. I could listen to them sing for hours and hours, at any time of the year. This is one tradition that has no geographical boundaries – even when we’ve spent Christmas away from home, we’ve always had the boys right there with us on CD, MP3 and now through streaming (and yes, probably on cassette in the early years!).

If they’re not already, I hope my gift to you will help these songs become the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas as they have been for ours for as many years as I can remember.

If you already love this music as much as I do, then I’ve done the work for you in bringing them together in a go-to Christmas playlist.


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5 thoughts on “My Christmas gift to you

  1. Christmas songs by the legends are the best. I have enjoyed listening to the classics during this holiday season.


  2. Must run in the family, I have them on now.


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