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When all hell breaks loose


That’s right, I’m referring to playing board games with your family. Rowdy, loud, argumentative or just plain hysterical, playing games at Christmas is such a great thing to do.

From classics such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, to more recent games such as Articulate and Cranium.Even a quick bit of charades to bide some time between Christmas lunch and the Queen’s Speech. I love hearing stories of games played amongst family members especially when it’s a specific tradition to play games together at Christmas time.

As a family, we do enjoy a board game (I’d say Articulate and the Logo Game are popular) but, with a young nephew, we’ve had Buckaroo and Hungry Hungry Hippos feature in recent years too which always bring lots of laughter.

A few months ago, I visited a friend for the weekend and we played Tension for hours one evening. I’d never played it before but would highly recommend it. I will admit we’d had more than a few drinks but we laughed and laughed throughout. You get given a category and have to name 10 things which fit that category but you’re against the clock and I’ve never had such a mind-blank over topics I thought I knew quite well!

For a quick and easy game, I love Heads Up. It’s a reverse on the traditional game of twenty questions (where you have a post-it on your head with a word/name on and you have to ask closed questions so that the people who can see the word/name answer yes or no and you have to guess what is written). Heads Up is a £0.79 app which I have played with colleagues at the airport to pass the time, with friends during pre-drinks, and even with a bunch of total strangers on a train. It’s a game which instantly engages people and there are loads of different categories so there’ll be something for everyone.

I love games as you can always find one to suit the different age ranges in your group and can always find something to play whether there’s two of you or a big group.

What are your favourite games to play at Christmas time? Are you a competitive family? Does it all end in tears or tears of laughter?

Author: amiiat30

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2 thoughts on “When all hell breaks loose

  1. Heads Up is a great game. I am planning on downloading the app. My family is very competitive with Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.


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