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Mulled wine and mulled cider

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It’s been so cold and foggy the past few evenings that it makes me want to curl up with a blanket in front of a fire and drink delicious hot drinks. Whilst I’m not a big tea or coffee drinker, I’d happily drink mulled wine or mulled cider. The smell alone of these cooking is enough to make me feel instantly warm and cosy, and of course festive too.

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I do have to admit, however, that although I’ve drunk a lot of these beverages, I haven’t actually ever made them myself! So, in today’s post, I turn to some very helpful family members – my mum and my sister-in-law, Sara – for their fail-safe advice.

From mum:

If you want to keep it simple, Lidl do a great mulled wine which is already packed full of flavour and you just have to heat it up and serve it. If you’re looking to make some from scratch though, then red wine, orange juice, cinnamon sticks, slices of orange and lemon, star anise, and cloves will make a really tasty mulled wine.

From Sara:

Tesco do mulling tea bags in the herb section which give loads of flavour to a home-made mulled wine or mulled cider. For mulled cider, also add apple juice and for mulled wine, add orange juice. For an non-alcoholic alternative, heat some Ribena Winter Spice, it’s delicious!

I have no doubt that, over the next week, we will definitely make and drink a few saucepans-worth of mulled wine and mulled cider and I for one can’t wait! Do you have any tips to spice up your mulled wine? Any advice on making a great mulled cider? Leave me a comment or tweet me @amiilau.

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