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My 2016 review

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We’re a week from Christmas and two weeks from the end of the year, so I thought I’d do a little review of my 2016 highlights. I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions but I try to work hard and have lots of fun every year and 2016 has been no exception.


Although my job itself didn’t change, my job title and salary were amended to reflect the role I was doing. It was unexpected but very much welcomed, especially when I consider that I only graduated from uni 6 months before this happened. I have always worked hard and to start seeing that really pay off in my career was an amazing way to start the year.


I visited my best friend in New York, and despite challenging personal circumstances at the time, I did have a blast. I love New York; all the fun things to do and the incredible food and this trip was as memorable as my previous visits for so many reasons.

new york, brooklyn bridge, east river, one world trade


I started taking French classes again. I love learning languages and it’s nice to have a bit of structured learning every week to focus my brain on something other than my day job.


After months of planning, our annual client event took place and although I’ve organised events before, I never dreamt I’d plan and deliver such a comprehensive programme for such a large group – a morning conference, afternoon activities, evening reception and dinner, and an overnight stay for 60 attendees. With awesome support from our Marketing Administrator who I’d only recruited a month before, we delivered a really great event and received such wonderful feedback.

dining, party, corporate event


I took a well-deserved holiday with my parents to our apartment in Spain. I love spending time with my parents and we love playing golf together; I love it even more when it’s beautifully sunny and warm!


A colleague and I attended an industry congress in Brussels, which is such a beautiful city. It was great to network with others in the same industry and we also sat in on a seminar delivered by the most enigmatic and enthusiastic marketing consultant which reminded me why I love working in marketing and encouraged me to keep working hard to get better and better at what I do.

grand place, brussels, belgium


After 10 years, I sold my flat in Manchester. This was my first home away from living with my parents and although I hadn’t lived there for a few years, it was still sad to sell it on. Now, I need to decide whether to buy somewhere else or maybe I’ll spend the money on a really great holiday! (don’t worry, I won’t)

flat, apartment, my home, own home, manchester, hulme


Whilst I wrote recently about how awkward I find work Christmas parties, I do like my colleagues and a group of around 10 of us had a great night out in Birmingham as a farewell for someone who was leaving the company (and also happens to be a friend of mine from uni). We had such a blast and it was nice to spend time out of the office with everyone.


I launched the first issue of a digital magazine for my employer. It was a really fun project to create and work on and in putting together the content I learnt even more about the products we manufacture and also filmed and edited a video of customer interviews which I hadn’t done before.


I always try to get away and do something fun for my birthday and this year I took a solo-trip to Nice and the French Riviera. Read all about it here.

cote d'azur, france, french riviera, travel, mediterranean


I try and keep some of my weekends free but November saw a packed diary of catching up with friends and family. From a Saturday morning chatting and drinking prosecco, hours spent watching back to back rugby at Walkabout, a random evening at the opening event of a foreign film festival to seeing the Snowman at the theatre in London. I finished the month totally broke but with lots of great memories.


This month has already been a busy whirlwind of activity. I have two working days left and then I’m finished until the New Year and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to a break from work but more than that, I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my family and catching up with friends too.

How has 2016 been for you? What have your highlights been? If you had resolutions, have you fulfilled them?

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