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Sports Management – year 3


Last Friday was my final assignment hand-in which means that, for me, uni is over. There is nothing more I can do to contribute towards my degree; I just have to wait for my results in July and graduation in September. It is a very strange feeling. Although I’ve had a busy week with work, something has just felt odd. As if I’m forgetting something – here’s hoping I’m not!

Anyway, this is my Year 3 course round-up (I’ve already written about Year 1 and Year 2) to give you my thoughts on my final year studying for a BA in Sports Management at UCB.

Year 3

Modules: Strategic Management, Development and Innovation in Sport, International Marketing, International Sports Environment, Research Project/Dissertation

Course trip: Poland – I’ve written a longer post about the course trip but it was great. I enjoyed visiting the different sports facilities and institutions and getting to visit a country I’d never been to before.

What I liked:

  • Strategic Management – this is not a favoured module by UCB students (it is difficult and has group work and an exam) but I really enjoyed it. It appeals to the way I think and I believe its one of the most useful modules with regard to relating to real-life business practices and a future in management. Since Sports Management has been re-validated this year though (when they look at the whole programme to make changes to make it even better), this module has been changed so next year’s 3rd Year students will study a slightly different variation – more sport-related I think, which can only be a good thing.
  • No Semester 2 exams – this meant my focus could be on finishing my dissertation and getting my other assignments done, knowing that I wouldn’t then have to start revising for exams. It’s also meant we’ve finished uni a few weeks ahead of most other courses.
  • Dissertation – I loved being able to pick a topic I’m interested in and passionate about and to research it and present my findings. The whole process is one which most people may only experience once (unless you do postgrad study) and I really enjoyed it.
  • Optional module – I chose to take International Marketing as I know that marketing is the career path for me. Other options available included Sports Psychology, Financial Strategy, Performance in Coaching and a couple of others.

What I didn’t like:

  • January’s exam period saw us take back-to-back exams on a Thursday and Friday. Both exams had a lot of content to revise so it wasn’t the most enjoyable time, especially straight after Christmas break as well.
  • That it has all come to an end… In a month or so I’ll write a post about my overall thoughts on uni, UCB and my degree course. Maybe by then I’ll have adjusted to the fact that my three years as an undergraduate student are over and that I’ll have achieved something I never dreamed of after I dropped out of uni back in 2006!

For now, I’m keeping busy with work, fitting in a short holiday next week, and looking forward to a bright and exciting future…

Author: amiiat30

Marketing Communications Manager, sports coach, crochet queen

4 thoughts on “Sports Management – year 3

  1. Congratulations! On to post grad? Best of luck!


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