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Thoughts of a Postgrad

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I’m not considering post-graduate study at the moment, but I know lots of others are (and I probably will in the future) so I thought I’d ask Nicole Mangan, a Masters student at UCB, a few questions about her experiences…

1394496_13224780What are you studying for your Masters?
I studied an MA in Culinary Arts Management (CAM) for a year and a half at UCB.

Is this your first experience of UCB?
No. I did my undergraduate degree here as well, in CAM for two years and also did two years of study in Ireland.

Why did you choose UCB for your postgraduate studies?
As I had done my first degree here it was a logical progression. The university had given me many opportunities in the two years I was here as an undergrad and they also offer a paid internship for some Masters students, which is an amazing opportunity and meant I didn’t need to take out a loan.

Why did you decide to do a Masters degree?
I’ve always wanted to see how far I could go in education, but most importantly I would like to be a lecturer at some point in my career so feel a Masters would be beneficial for that.

What’s your favourite thing about being a UCB student?
There’s a strong family feel to UCB; people look out for each other. The lecturers have been friendly and welcoming, which is great when you’re a new student in a new country (I’m from Ireland). I have also made some amazing friends and know that there’s always someone close by to support me. On the educational side of things, UCB has excellent facilities and opens up so many opportunities, such as working all across the world, meeting amazing chefs and being able to participate in lots of events and competitions.

What support is there at UCB for postgraduate students?
As for all courses, you have your Head of Year and staff members as well as all the usual university facilities. On top of that, for postgrads, you have private working facilities in McIntyre House and also staff, such as Jason Clifford, who you can go to for anything dissertation related. The offer of financial support is also a major point with UCB offering internships to students to cover the cost of a masters.

Thanks, Nicole!


Nicole is also the Mature Student and Postgrad Officer for the UCB Student Guild and does a brilliant job supporting students throughout the university. For further information about postgraduate studies at UCB, pop in for a chat with Nicole in the Guild office (ground floor, Summer Row) or visit the uni website.

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