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How to blow your student loan in 10 days…

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A lot of us got our last student loan installment on 20th April. For final year students, that means your last chunk of ‘free’ money before entering the real world. And for returning students, it’ll be your last payment until around the end of September.

These are the ‘best’ ways to spend your loan:

  • Shopping – stock up your summer wardrobe (after all we’re apparently going to have a very long, hot summer in the UK) and buy a new outfit and accessories for the Summer Ball (or grad ball, or next night out, or friend’s wedding, or just because)
  • Going out – its almost the end of term so get celebrating and head out every night to make the most of Birmingham before you head home for the summer holidays
  • Eating – don’t bother with Tesco value food anymore, start trying out all of Birmingham’s awesome restaurants or order takeaway every night
  • Travelling – three month summer holiday? Thailand it is then, followed by Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and a return flight via California and Las Vegas… sounds perfect.


You’ll probably know a bit about me from my blog by this point and you’ll know that I really don’t live that way! I’m big on saving and spending frugally whilst still having a great time.

So, here are my real tips (and yes, real does translate to maybe a bit boring) on spending your student loan:

  • Budget – don’t forget that this is the last installment of your student loan for 2014/15, so think about how that fits into the budget you (hopefully) set out earlier in the year (my loan helps cover my rent and bills so spending it in one go would literally leave me homeless)
  • Shopping – of course, treat yourself a little, especially if you have a function to attend or you’re in need of something which you haven’t had money for until now (new trainers are always a priority for me as I wear through pairs so quickly). Look for discounts, sales and student savings though or pop down to the Bullring this evening for Student Sessions
  • Travelling – if, like me, you’re in dire need of a holiday then try and book something amazing on a budget (my boyfriend and I can’t afford a full week away, due to time and money, but we’ve booked a mini-break to Madrid – so hand luggage only on a budget airline, and we’ve used a voucher code for Airbnb to get an even cheaper stay)
  • Eating out – invest £15 in an Independent Birmingham card and then save money for a year of eating out and trying to work your way through this list of must-try dishes in Birmingham

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