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Sports Management – year 1


I’ve been writing a lot about student life in Birmingham and UCB in general, so thought it was time to go into a bit more detail about my course. I’ll do this across three blog posts as it’ll be easier and not quite so info-heavy to write about each year separately.

I’m studying for a BA in Sports Management; a three-year programme providing a great mix of business and sport-based modules.

Year 1

Modules: Sport in Society (this covers history of sport as well as current issues within sport relating to gender, media and politics), Health & Fitness Studies, Coaching Principles, Managing Activities and People (this looks at management and learning styles, motivation and HR processes), Business Economics, Marketing for Services.

Course trip: Glaramara – a great few days in the beautiful Lake District doing activities such as hiking, climbing, team building and ghyll scrambling.

What I liked:

  • Assessed seminars for Sport in Society – I loved the different topics, which included history of recreation and sport, commercialisation of sport, and sport and the media.
  • Marketing for Services – as I want to go into marketing when I graduate, this module was a great introduction to marketing, specifically looking at services and the sports industry.
  • Coaching Principles – although I am a qualified rugby coach and have coached for nearly 10 years, I enjoyed this module as it provided theory to my coaching methods and made me really think about the type of coach I want to be and how I deliver training sessions.

What I didn’t like:

  • Economics!
  • How much we had to talk about ‘Beach Tennis’ (it was used as a case study for our marketing assignment) – even with all the research into this activity, I just don’t get it… a combination of tennis, volleyball and badminton played on sand?


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